Tree of Paradise (Harlequin Romance, 2033) by Jane Arbor

By Jane Arbor

Romance novel

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After he had jumped down he stood for a moment, staring. Then at a big stride he came over to the house. ' Then he went in under the balcony and she heard him run up the stairs and approach the open window. Over her shoulder she called back, 'Don't step out. The floor is rotten ' To which his reply was a terse 'Obviously,' as he knelt to crawl forward, feeling his way. ' 'I—I can't. I've tried. ' 'You must turn, and help yourself by holding on to the edge while I take the rest of your weight to haul you up.

No mosquitoes on Laraye no more,' making it a fact with which there was no dispute. By the time Donna had unpacked and showered and changed the early dark of the tropics was falling. ' She returned to the living room to find the table laid for the evening meal and her uncle on the verandah, drinking a rum punch, with ice and passion-fruit juice, and she chose the same for herself. She had expected that by now her cousin Bran might be home, but when she asked about him, his father's tone made such a grievance of their never knowing when to expect him that she was discouraged from discussing Bran any further for the moment.

How could they? ' `Which would irritate Dad rather than please him. ' Donna smiled wryly. ' Bran chuckled, and went on his way. Donna had swum and floated and played in water which caressed like silk. It was still only mid-morning and now she lay prone on dry sand, letting it run through her fingers until she drowsed and presently slept. She woke with a start and sat up. She hadn't meant to sunbathe for long on her first day and her back was beginning to tingle. She might swim again or—at a small sound behind her she turned to look back at the beach steps.

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