The Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations. Tools, Techniques, by Joe DeGeare, David Haughton and Mark McGurk (Auth.)

By Joe DeGeare, David Haughton and Mark McGurk (Auth.)

  • No fishing activity is a welcome operation, yet this re-creation of a vintage reference is helping you do the task successfully and economically. This functional advisor is filled with illustrations and outlines of fishing apparatus and instruments that can assist you remedy near to any fishing challenge. - Offshore Engineer, October 2004


, Page ix

, Page xi
1 - traditional Fishing

, Pages 1-3
2 - verbal exchange and keeping off Hazards

, Pages 4-5
3 - Economics of Fishing

, Pages 6-7
4 - Cardinal ideas in Fishing

, Pages 8-11
5 - Pipe Sticking

, Pages 12-22
6 - opting for caught Point

, Pages 23-42
7 - Parting the Pipe String

, Pages 43-51
8 - capture Tools

, Pages 52-58
9 - Jarring caught Pipe or Tools

, Pages 59-66
10 - Washover Operations

, Pages 67-75
11 - Loose-Junk Fishing

, Pages 76-83
12 - turbines and Rotary Shoes

, Pages 84-88
13 - Wireline Fishing

, Pages 89-96
14 - Retrieving caught Packers

, Pages 97-101
15 - Fishing in Cavities

, Pages 102-104
16 - Sidetracking Methods

, Pages 105-114
17 - part and Pilot Milling

, Pages 115-119
18 - fix of Casing mess ups and Leaks

, Pages 120-129
19 - Fishing in High-Angle Deviated and Horizontal Wells

, Pages 130-131
20 - Plug-and-Abandon Operations

, Pages 132-136
21 - Miscellaneous Tools

, Pages 137-142
22 - Thru-Tubing common Tools

, Pages 143-148
23 - Thru-Tubing Fishing

, Pages 149-157
24 - Thru-Tubing Fishing Jars and Accelerators

, Pages 158-161
25 - Thru-Tubing particles Catchers

, Pages 162-164
26 - Thru-Tubing Workover Motors

, Pages 165-170
27 - Thru-Tubing Milling

, Pages 171-175
28 - Thru-Tubing Underreaming

, Pages 176-179
29 - Coiled-Tubing-Conveyed Tubing and Drill-Pipe Cutting

, Pages 180-184
30 - Thru-Tubing impression Drilling

, Pages 185-188

, Pages 189-198

, Pages 199-200

, Pages 201-210

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Once this has Figure 8-4. Short-catch overshot been indicated by an increase in pump (Courtesy of National Oilwell). pressure, the pump should be stopped to avoid kicking the overshot off the fish. If jarring is to be done, it should be started with a light blow and gradually increased, as this tends to "set" the grapple on the fish. A hard impact may strip the grapple off the fish and cause the wickers to be dulled if not properly engaged. To release bowl-and-grapple overshots, the tapered surfaces of the bowl and grapple must first be freed from each other.

If the jarring method is used, extra pipe adds elasticity to the fish. BACKOFF Backing off is the procedure of applying left-hand torque to a pipe string while firing a shot of prima cord (Figure 7-1) explosive to unscrew the pipe at a selected threaded joint above the stuck point. The explosion produces a concussion that partially unscrews the threads. The backoff method of parting pipe is probably the most popular, particularly in drill pipe and drill collars, as this is the only method that leaves a threaded connection at the top of the remaining pipe.

Pressure in the casing/tubing annulus tends to straighten the tubing and put more weight on the packer. Casing pressure will also increase the pack-off force in the packing element of a partially packed-off set-down-type packer. 7 Parting the Pipe String After determining the stuck point in a pipe string, it is normal procedure to part the string so fishing tools such as a jarring string or washpipe string may be run. There are four acceptable methods of parting the pipe string. 9 9 Backoff Chemical cut 9 Jet cut 9 Mechanical cut The cutting method for each particular job should be carefully selected.

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