Suceeding With LD by Jill Lauren

By Jill Lauren

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51 • Megan Wilson Succeeding with LD interior 7/14/10 2:11 PM Page 52 WHERE’S MEGAN NOW? In order to achieve my goal of becoming an occupational therapist, I entered an OT program after college. The professors were incredible about helping me with my learning disability because occupational therapists are all about helping people with disabilities! For example, instead of making me take multiple-choice tests that are so hard for me, my anatomy professor let me draw the nerves and muscles and bones on a picture of the human body.

I started dozing off in class because I couldn’t understand the teacher. They kicked me out, and I went to another special school in eighth grade. My schoolwork improved because of all the support I got at my new school, and I was back in a regular school for ninth and tenth grade. At this school, I began to respect the importance of doing homework. I didn’t want to arrive in class without my work and give the teacher any reason to think I was a bad student. Though I started working harder, switching schools so much was shameful for me.

Though I struggled through St. John’s, I really loved it. For the first time, I felt good about myself academically. I was really trying, and I was doing all the homework. Sometimes I did my homework at my father’s office, which I loved because I started learning more about the business world. During senior year, my grades began to improve, I worked even harder, and I was involved in school activities. Jorge was still tutoring me, and I got help from other tutors, too. I became more responsible about school, and those two years changed my life completely.

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