Persephone the Phony (Goddess Girls) by Joan Holub

By Joan Holub

As PERSEPHONE's mother encourages her to do, she frequently "goes alongside to get alongside" rather than doing what she particularly wishes. but if she meets Mount Olympus Academy bad-boy Hades, she eventually feels she has stumbled on anyone with whom she will be able to be herself. he is the 1st one who really listens to her, and he or she reveals herself liking him, although the opposite goddessgirls imagine he is undesirable information. but when he makes her consider so designated -- and she's so cozy placing round him -- can he rather be all that undesirable? Authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams placed a contemporary spin on vintage myths with the Goddess women sequence. stick to the fine details of divine social existence at Mount Olympus Academy, the place the main privileged godboys and goddessgirls within the Greek pantheon hone their legendary abilities.

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She knew about Charon. He was the old man who ferried the dead 69 across the River Styx to the Underworld. Glancing up at the sky, she noticed that the sun was getting low. She jumped up. "I'd better go. "Hades stood too. "I'd hate for you to get in trouble on my account," he said. "I don't usually talk so much, but--" He spread his hands, looking almost shy. " Persephone smiled. "You too. " Quickly she changed into a dove and flew up the mountainside, darting through the clouds to the top of Mount Olympus.

Persephone knew it was an attempt to patch things up between them, but she stubbornly ate her bowlful in silence and stared down at the tabletop to avoid looking at her mom. The only sound during the meal was the clicking of spoons against their ceramic bowls. Later, as they were doing the washing up before bedtime, Demeter set down her dishcloth and sighed. "I'm sorry. " Persephone grunted but didn't reply. "You're my only daughter," her mom continued. " 75 Breaking her silence at long last, Persephone muttered, "I'm not something you can misplace.

But he's a working dog. "Persephone nodded. " He guarded the entrance to the Underworld and kept souls from escaping. She shivered just thinking about it. It seemed so creepy. "So now tell me about you," Hades said. " "Well, I can garden a bit," said Persephone, surprised. Usually people liked to talk about themselves. It was weird to have someone ask about her. " said Hades. "Yes," said Persephone. "You take after her," said Hades. "Show me," said Hades. " He sat back, almost daring her, resting his weight on his hands.

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