Pick Your Poison (Faithgirlz! Boarding School Mysteries) by Kristi Holl

By Kristi Holl

While a gaggle of Jeri McKane's neighbors aid Abby current a birthday dinner for her home-ec venture, the celebration leads to the garbage can ... actually. Is it simply an unlucky occasion, or have the chums been deliberately poisoned? Jeri's intuition says whatever is not correct, and the ladies stick with a path that results in a few not-so-sweet proof. Tween ladies can ask yourself why God does not step in while meanness and injustice occurs. This tale is helping them see how he usually makes use of traditional humans to assist discover the reality!

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Carter’s tiny office behind the kitchen. She had to tell the house mother what she suspected. Ms. Carter sat at her desk and listened carefully as Jeri listed reasons she believed their dorm food was being poisoned. 56 “But I’m the one who cooked breakfast today,” Ms. Carter said. ” “But what if you couldn’t tell? ” Ms. Carter came around to the front of the desk and put her arms around Jeri. “I understand your fear. First Nikki goes to the infirmary and now Abby. ” Jeri pulled back. ” Ms. Carter leaned against the edge of her desk.

No. She’ll make a big deal out of nothing. I don’t want her hauling me off to the infirmary like she did Nikki. ” “You might need some medicine. ” “I won’t be. ” Jeri rubbed the back of her neck. What was wrong with Brooke? “All right. ” 45 One bedroom door opened down the hall, and then another one. ” “Quiet out there! ” “Sorry,” Brooke said. “You couldn’t help it,” Jeri said, then raised her voice. ” Brooke headed back to her room. ” When Jeri returned to bed, she couldn’t settle down to sleep.

She tapped her notebook with her pencil. ” “In big enough doses, yes. Rhubarb, green potatoes, avocadoes . ” He paused in concentration. ” “What usually happens? ” “No, it gives them colic — stomach cramps. Or muscle spasms and trouble swallowing. ” Jeri kept her eyes on her paper. He sure knew a lot about horses for a gardener. Why? After thanking him for his help, she glanced at her watch and headed straight to the dining 62 hall. Clouds were gathering in the west, and the breeze was cooler. Her stomach growled like an irritated bear.

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