Strawberry Shortcake Sleeps Over by Lauren Cecil

By Lauren Cecil

Strawberry Shortcake and her acquaintances plan a sleepover, yet Raspberry Torte does not are looking to move. Raspberry's frightened simply because she's by no means been to a sleepover, and he or she is not yes what to anticipate. Can Strawberry and her acquaintances support Raspberry take part the joys?

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At two o’clock, Paula called from work to see how she was getting on. At three, Ellie stopped for a Krispy Kreme doughnut and a packet of crisps. By three thirty she had a collection of cardboard boxes, emptied and collapsed and ready to go out for recycling. Twenty minutes later, in the middle of a complicated battle to get the cover on her duvet, the doorbell rang. Struggling backwards on her knees out of the duvet cover, Ellie prepared a cheery smile and went to answer it. Time to meet the girl from over the road and be welcomed to Primrose Hill.

No pressure, then. Um, can I meet you downstairs in a couple of minutes? ’ Tony followed the estate agent down the stairs. She knew she was being ridiculous, but it was something she just needed to double-check. Ellie closed her eyes, concentrated hard, then opened them again. ‘Oh ye of little faith,’ said an amused voice behind her. Turning, she saw Jamie leaning against the closed living-room door. White shirt, clean jeans, arms crossed, head shaking in good-natured disbelief. Oh, thank God.

So sweet, so well-meaning, so easy to tease. ’ Ellie relented with a smile. ’ *** ‘Bloody… bloody… bloody useless sodding stuff…’ By midnight Ellie was ready to murder the wallpaper. Hanging on to the stepladder and jabbing wildly at the top right-hand corner of the length she’d been battling to hang for the last forty minutes, she had no hands free to prevent the adjoining section from unpeeling itself and rolling down the wall. ’ Letting out a shriek she launched herself at the first bit, missed, and gave the pasted wall a slap that made her palm sting.

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