Marsillio Ficino: The Philebus Commentary (Medieval & by Michael J. B. Allen

By Michael J. B. Allen

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This 3 is in contradistinction to natura which refers to the universal's embodiment in matter. Ficino occasionally gives other names to the universal in embodied form, tinction;'" but the species. , unitas, Although it pointed out, that the Platonic theory of the Ideas as such has impact on Ficino"* such it had, of course, Httle impact on Plotinus,'" or even, arguably, on the later Plato), Ficino does, in Kristeller's words, "[discuss] the theory of Ideas more Uttle explicitly and more (as clearly .

So the crucial problem devolves upon the three-way relationship between the three "existences" of the species and their need for each other. """ That is, the method of ascent corresponds to the ascending structure of reahty from things' essences to the innate ideas, to the eternal Ideas, to the Idea of the good. '"" Chapters 11-12 have a number of things to say about the power this in turn bestows on the dialectician. The naming of an essence becomes same and by the articulation of the name and gradually as the whole macrocosm is named it becomes activated within as the intelligible reality.

This not only has a direct bearing on his monism, but because of the ubiquitous influence of the concept of "participation" the concept that "what is more or less such and such is so called because of its smaller or greater distance or propinquity to that which is primarily and totally such and such,*" " the theory of the sovereignty of the intelligible world (signified by the prior existence of the universal species) does have an impact of overwhelming proportions on Ficino' s whole metaphysical system.

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