Kapow! by George O'Connor

By George O'Connor

Do you could have what it takes to be a superhero?

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She asked. “They don’t come out here much,” Ivy said. ” “You probably don’t ever get in trouble anyway,” said Bean, feeling glum. ” “I do too get in trouble,” said Ivy. 42 “No, you don’t,” Bean said. “You read books all the time. ” Ivy said, “I will get in trouble— really huge trouble—if I do what I want to do. ” Bean waited. “Well? ” Ivy looked all around before she whispered, “Spells. Magic. ” “Really? ” “Yes. Well. Not yet. But I’m going to be a witch,” said Ivy. Her eyes were glowing. ” Bean looked at Ivy’s black bathrobe.

That’s so funny. But you’re not nice at all! ” Ivy giggled. “You’re not very nice either. ” Bean was embarrassed. “The part about the icy fingers was good,” said Ivy. ” Bean sat down on the rock. “I was waiting for Nancy. That’s my sister. She’s a total pain in the kazoo. ” Ivy nodded. ” “No. ” Bean felt glum again. Ivy saw that Bean was worrying. ” “Yeah. Probably. ” Bean thought. ” “No. Those are hard,” said Ivy. She looked at her pond. ” 50 “That would be good,” said Bean. “But wait a second—what about the dancing spell?

That was fine with Bean. She loved sneaking. She loved face paint, too. And she was really going to love watching Nancy kick her legs and wave her arms for the rest of her life. They went in the back door to the kitchen. Bean could hear Ivy’s mom talking on the telephone somewhere in the house. “This is going to be easy,” whispered Ivy. ” She yelled loudly, “Hi, Mom! ” “Hang on a second,” Bean heard Ivy’s mom say. Then, to Ivy, she said, “Honey, I’m on the phone. ” There was the sound of a door shutting.

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