In The Gunroom by Major Gerald Burrard

By Major Gerald Burrard

All elements of weapons, shotguns and so forth. are tested.

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He looked down at his notes. 'And what you have confirmed to me so far is that you conduct an apparently open-ended list of highly unusual experiments on unconscious patients who, correct me if I'm wrong, are unable to tell you if they are suffering pain or discomfort, nor are they able to ask you to stop. And I'm sure I don't have to remind you that a young boy died here recently while undergoing such treatment. ' After he'd gone, she sat for a long time in the gathering gloom of her office.

The airport was busy. Three trainers buzzed around the circuit like endlessly circling wasps. A commuter from Rotterdam had just touched down and was disgorging passengers onto the apron. One of Heywood-Knight's own King Airs was inbound from Dublin, due in any minute. A massive wide-bodied Lockheed L1011, just converted from passenger use into a huge military flying fuel tanker was taxiing ponderously out to the holding point prior to a first test flight. Normally he'd have found it impossible to resist such activity, pulled magnetically from his chair several times in an afternoon to watch the comings and goings.

Ben had been here, he must have been. Jack jumped up onto the pond's brick surround, his eyes travelling back along the promenade, across to the car park, over to the beach, down towards the sea. ' The sea. A tiny speck of white, way out beyond the gently lapping surf. A gull? A floating paper cup? He leapt from the brickwork, kicking off shoes and flinging his jacket aside as he gathered momentum down the steeply sloping shingle. He hit the water flat out, flinging himself full length into the breakers.

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