Good Living. A Philosophy of Health by A. T. Todd (Auth.)

By A. T. Todd (Auth.)

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But as this is a book not about disease, there are far too many already, but a book about health, I shall leave this matter alone. Returning to digestion, the only source of our living : first it must be very clearly understood that digestion does not invariably and automatically follow the eating of food. The energy that is contained in the food will surely be released to work if the food is eaten, but if this energy is not released by digestion it will just as surely do harm as will the electric current, if released by pressing the switch, light the lamp globe.

40 GOOD LIVING But what of the human colon, filled with decomposing foods, and full of stench ? It is no wonder that it was regarded as a reservoir, and a mighty objectionable one too ; no wonder diagnoses of auto-intoxication and colonic stasis were made and all sorts of treatment advised which I now know were calculated to make matters worse. The short colon of a flesheater may well be a reservoir, and a stinking one, too, for reasons given on p. 59 ; the colon of a grass-eater is very large, in it much chemical change takes place, and from it the animal largely obtains its foodstuffs, and it is quite sweet, there is no stench.

As we shall see later, vinegar also is of value for its action on some fats. It is not for nothing that the benefits of vinegar were found out long before recorded history was made ; it is therefore highly probable that its value in dietetics is real, in spite of what the * appointed ' specialists say, or have said, about it. A good cook is said to be a treasure, but as Saki said, " She was a good cook as cooks go, and like a good cook she went ". It is highly to be desired that if food is to be cooked, that it should be cooked properly, rather than be made unwholesome and with spoiled taste.

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