Faerie Winter by Janni Lee Simner

By Janni Lee Simner

The long-awaited sequel to Janni Lee Simner's breathtaking YA fable debut, Bones of Faerie.Liza is a summoner. she will be able to draw existence to herself, even from past the grave. and since magic works either methods, she will be able to force existence away. Months in the past, she used her powers to banish her harmful father and to rescue her mom, misplaced in goals, from the ruined land of Faerie.Born within the wake of the warfare among humanity and Faerie, Liza lived in an international the place eco-friendly issues by no means slept, the place bushes sought to root in residing flesh and bone. yet now the forests have fallen silent. Even the evergreens' branches are naked. wintry weather vegetation will not develop, and the specter of hunger looms. And deep within the woodland a dismal, malevolent will is at paintings. to stand it, Liza must locate inside of herself anything extra robust than magic alone.Here ultimately is the sequel to Bones of Faerie, for all these lovers of darkish fable and dystopian experience who overjoyed to Janni Lee Simner's distinct imaginative and prescient of a postapocalyptic international infused with magic.

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Before this winter, I wouldn’t have dared bring acorns within walls until they were soaked and ground into meal, but I felt no more life in these seeds than I’d felt in the others. The morning’s fire had burned down to hot coals. I unbuttoned my coat but kept it on as I set yesterday’s cornmeal mush over the heat. There was some squirrel left in the mush, and my stomach grumbled as it simmered. I took the pot from the fire, filled two bowls, and brought them upstairs along with a couple of spoons.

With a soft sound he drew me closer, reaching up to run his fingers through my hair. His musky taste reminded me of the smell of his wolf’s fur. The acorn in my hand pattered to the floor. The rustling of blankets made us pull abruptly apart. Ethan sat up in bed, staring at us. Matthew’s ears flushed red. My face burned. I wondered if Ethan could see the way the taste of Matthew’s lips lingered on mine. The boy’s eyes hardened as he focused on us. He didn’t trust us. I didn’t fully trust him, either.

Matthew made a quiet sound. “Time to go home,” I agreed. We turned from the ferns, back toward the path and the chores that waited in town. I scanned the snow and brush around us, but I didn’t see any more shadows. At least it was only human shadows we needed to watch for now. Until this winter, the trees had held shadows of their own, and those shadows had attacked anyone desperate enough to venture out at night. The trees’ roots and branches had attacked, too, by day and night both. But now the trees had dropped their leaves and they slept, and instead human shadows from Before roamed the woods at night, shadows of those who’d died during the War with Faerie.

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