The Philosophy of the Grammarians by Karl H. Potter, Harold G. Coward

By Karl H. Potter, Harold G. Coward

This quantity of the enormous reference sequence being ready lower than the overall editorship of Karl Potter offers summaries of the most works within the Grammarian culture of Indian philosophy. Describing the capabilities of language on diverse degrees, from usual empirical speech to the poetic instinct of the divine, the Grammarians sought to illustrate that the right kind grammatical use of language and the devotional chanting of mantras are methods of relocating from decrease to raised phases of information and self-realization. This paintings provides targeted emphasis to the idea of Bhartrhari, the nice systematizer of the Grammarian philosophy. For these unacquainted with Indian philosophy, the editors' creation offers a proof of the fundamental suggestions present in the Grammarian texts.

Grammarian suggestion is predicated at the Vedas, and the writings of Panini, Patanjali, Bhartrhari, and others strengthen implicit Vedic rules approximately language and its functionality. Their works mix a grammatical research of Sanskrit language with a philosophy that takes language as divine.

Originally released in 1991.

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T his w ork again depends on P anini, w ith a few rules rejected a n d the sutras rearranged. H e m akes m any innovations b o th in th e m ethod a n d in the organization. T h e tex t as know n to G opicandra, another influential w riter o f this system, contains a ch ap ter on P rakrit. T he school actually takes its nam e from Ju m a ra nan d in , w ho revised the Samksiptasara, probably in the fourteenth century. Tw o o ther new systems are those o f the Sarasvata an d th e M ugdhabodha. T h e Sarasvata school appears to have been po p u lar in n o rth ern In d ia from its in cep tio n in th e th irte e n th ce n tu ry dow n to th e tim e o f B h atto ji D ik sita, w h e n th e re v iv a l o f th e P a n in ia n tra d itio n p u t m ost o f th e o th e r schools o f g ra m m a r in to a decline.

L ogicians, in tere ste d m o re in accuracy a n d precision in th e use o f w ords th a t th ey w a n t to analyze objectively th a n in th e fullness o f expression a n d th e possibilities o f ex tending th e ra n g e o f m eanings to th e d o m ain o f th e inexpressible, a re satisfied w ith th e n o rm a l sense; b u t po ets a n d critics w ho d eal w ith th e to ta lity o f h u m a n experience c a n n o t ig n o re vast areas o f h u m a n behavior. T h e suggested m eaning is to o vague, fleeting, a n d subjective to h av e a place am o n g logical m ean in g s; th e su b tle a n d subjective suggestions im plied in language (;vyanjana) do n o t le n d them selves to logical discussion a n d analysis.

Satyananda or Ramacandra Sarasvati 10. Sesa Kfsna 11. Aimambhatta 12. (§e$a) Narayaria (Bhatfa) 13. C.? D. 450? 650? North of Ayodhya? 690? 980? Kashmir 1000? 1150? 1410 ? Kashmir Kerala 1500 ? 1540 1540 1546 1550 Bharata Misra 1550 Author unknown 1550 (Sesa) Cintamani 1557 Bhattoji Diksita 1590 Sesa Visnu 1605 Sivaramendra 1605 Sarasvati 20. Narayana (gastrin) 1640 21. Kon^a Bhatta 1640 22. Narayana Bhattatiri 1640 ? Varanasi Andhradesa Varanasi ? 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. ? Varanasi Andhradesa Varanasi?

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