Cultural Selection by Agner Fog

By Agner Fog

This ebook presents an interdisciplinary concept that demanding situations conventional sociology via its greater skill to provide an explanation for the irrational or unplanned facets of tradition, and it unearths that our society isn't really as rational as we wish to think. The reader gets a complete evaluation of cultural choice conception, together with the background of the idea and the numerous various colleges of proposal, in addition to an evidence of the nuts and bolts of cultural choice and different choice mechanisms. moreover, the writer introduces the hot paradigm-breaking cultural r/k thought - a concept which unearths causal connections among faith, politics, ethics, artwork, and sexual habit; and that can clarify such various phenomena because the fall of Rome, the appearance of rock tune within the overdue Soviet Union, and the anti-pornography move in modern united states. The appeal of this thought lies in its remarkable explanatory strength and its usefulness for making predictions. in contrast to a few problematic mathematical treatises, this publication keeps a down-to-earth thought with the focus at the clarification of actual international phenomena, together with faith, politics, tune, paintings, structure, garments model, sexual habit, recreation, and play. It thereby offers an excellent origin on which to base additional examine in lots of parts of human tradition, together with anthropology, archaeology, political and non secular heritage, artwork, social psychology, sexology, peace study and futurology.

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75). A similar theory has been applied to the development of organizations in economic competition. A firm's ability to adapt to changes in the market situation may be impeded by memetic constraints within the organization just like the adaptability of a biological species may be impeded by genetic constraints (see p. 75). Overcoming such constraints produces a leap in the development of the firm resembling the process of punctuated equilibria in biological evolution (Price 1995). 13 Universal selection theory Selection theory has been found useful for explaining many different phenomena in the world.

And herein lies the hidden agenda of the conflict between diffusionists and evolutionists: The diffusionists want to maintain an anthropocentric worldview, where the world is governed by conscious decisions of persons with a free will, whereas the non-anthropocentric model of evolutionism attributes an important amount of control to haphazard and often unanticipated effects and automatic mechanisms. The most obvious difference between diffusionism and evolutionism is that diffusionism first and foremost is an idiographic tradition.

When meme theorists are discussing scientific memes, they usually pick examples from those sciences with which they are most familiar. g. Lynch 1996, Brodie 1996). 6 . See p. 39. g. Blute 1987). Opponents of the theory claim that there is no cultural analogy to genes and that the selection theory attributes too much importance to competition, whereas cooperation and conscious planning is ignored (Hallpike 1985, Adams 1991). The critics attribute a more literal analogy with darwinism to the adherents of the theory than they have ever stated, to make the theory look absurd.

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