Aquinas on Metaphysics: A Historico-doctrinal Study of the by J.C. Doig

By J.C. Doig

Thomas Aquinas' statement at the Metaphysics has lengthy been con­ sidered through many as essentially the most attention-grabbing, such a lot lucrative of all his works. but surprisingly adequate, there was no wide research of this paintings, at the least none that has ever reached print. it truly is within the wish of in part filling this hole in medieval examine that the current research of the metaphysical approach of the statement was once conceived. despite the fact that, the dialogue of the Commentary's metaphysics needs to concurrently be an research into the explanations which influenced Aquinas within the composition of his paintings. Did he desire to reveal simply the theories of Aristotle, or did he at the same time intend to offer his personal metaphysical perspectives? evidently, we needs to research the reply to this prior to we will be able to continue to disentangle the metaphysical process, or platforms, operative in Aquinas' remark. as much as the current day this challenge, the character of Aquinas' exposition has no longer been spoke back in a way applicable to all. ordinarily communicate­ ing, 3 theories were complex. a primary one may see the 1 observation as an aim exposition of Aristotle. A moment opinion perspectives Aquinas' exposition as an try to convey his personal own 2 theories on metaphysics. and at last, the 3rd view divides in the statement paragraphs containing Aquinas' own idea ...

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93 . In Etruria there is said to be a certain island named Aethaleia, in which out of a certain mine in former days copper was dug, from which they say that all the copper vessels among them have been wrought; that afterwards it could no longer be found: but, when a long interval of time had elapsed, from the same mine iron was produced, which the Etrurians, who inhabit the town called Populonium, use to the present day. 94 . Now in Etruria there is a certain city called Oenarea, which they say is exceedingly strong; for in the midst of it there is a lofty hill, rising upwards to the height of thirty stadia, and having at its foot wood of all sorts, and waters.

58 . Demonesus, the island of the Chalcedonians, received its name from Demonesus, who first cultivated it. The place contains the mine of cyanos and gold-solder. Of this latter the finest sort is worth its weight in gold, for it is also a remedy for the eyes. In the same place there is also copper, obtained by divers, two fathoms below the surface of the sea, from which was made the statue in Sicyon in the ancient temple of Apollo, and in Pheneus the so-called statues of mountaincopper. On these is the inscription~'Heracles, son of Amphitryon, having captured Elis, dedicated them'.

117 . At Scotussae in Thessaly they say there is a little fountain from which flows water of such a kind that in a moment it heals wounds and bruises both of men and of beasts of burden; and if anyone throws wood into it, without having quite broken it, but having merely split it, this unites, and is restored again to its original state. 118 . In Thrace above Amphipolis they say that a thing happens, which is wonderful and incredible to those who have not seen it; for the boys, going forth from the villages and neighbouring districts to catch little birds, take the hawks to help in catching them, and they do so in this manner:-When they have advanced to a suitable spot they call the hawks by name with a loud cry; and, when they hear the boys' voice, they come and frighten away the birds; these in terror of them take refuge in the bushes, where the boys strike them down with sticks and capture them.

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