Twentieth-century Catholic theologians: from by Fergus Kerr

By Fergus Kerr

This publication studies at the lives and works of the main influential Catholic theologians of the 20 th century. a brand new ebook from one of many most popular Roman Catholic theologians at present writing in EnglishReports at the lives and works of the main influential Catholic theologians of the 20th centuryCovers theologians together with: Chenu, the guru of the French employee priest circulate; Congar who used to be imprisoned in Colditz; and K?ng who was once banned from educating for many years due to his radical viewsHighlights the involvement of every theologian with the second one Vatican Council, and the dissatisfaction of so much with what was once achievedIncludes a bankruptcy at the debatable prelate, Pope John Paul II

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H e was even attracted b y the t h o u g h t that we can detect developments w i t h i n the history o f this supposed Q - c o m m u n i t y , w i t h its distinctive ' C h r i s t o l o g y ' existing w i t h o u t any interest i n the Incarnation, Passion or Resurrection. T h a t he always planned to move f r o m the supposedly diverse C h r i s t o l o gies i n the first three gospels to the Christologies developed i n the f o u r t h gospel, i n the letters o f the apostle Paul, and i n the rest o f the N e w Testament, was always clear.

1295—1366), the G e r m a n D o m i n i c a n spiritual writer. Tike Congar, Schillebeeckx eventually dropped his religious name 5 L i k e all Belgian seminarians, Schillebeeckx d i d m i l i t a r y service, i n a barW h i l e he regarded liimself as a theologian i n the historico-contextualist school o f his older D o m i n i c a n colleagues C h e n u and Congar, E d w a r d Schillebeeckx was always far m o r e sensitive to philosophical questions than either o f t h e m The D o m i n i c a n p r i o r y at Touvain, by his day, was no longer an enclave o f pure Thomistic p h i l o s o p h y Y o u n g Schillebeeckx was taught 1 racks reserved f o r student priests, rabbis and pastors, passing the year reading Husserl, Heidegger and M e r l e a u - P o n t y Recalled to the a r m y i n O c t o b e r 1939 he was never i n v o l v e d i n fighting.

I m - b r e a d e d , so t o speak, at t h e e u c h a r i s t i e consecra- A d e v o u t C a t h o l i c , he l i v e d f o r years i n t e r r o r o f h a v i n g his w o r k p l a c e d o n t h e I n d e x o f P r o h i b i t e d B o o k s , a n d was harassed especially b y t h e D o m i n i c a n s 111:426-7 t i o n , o n analogy w i t h t h e W o r d ' s b e c o m i n g i n c a r n a t e 'enfleshed' 70 H E N R I D E H E N R I I U B A C earliest to do so W h a t n o d o u b t attracted de Lubac is that R u p e r t , o n Catholicism in 1950.

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