The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 1 by Jim Hamm, Tim Baker, Jay Massey, Paul Comstock, Steve Allely

By Jim Hamm, Tim Baker, Jay Massey, Paul Comstock, Steve Allely

The normal Bowyer's Bible sequence contains 3 crucial volumes packed with background, humor, and sensible recommendation. important details for an individual drawn to the age-old trap of archery.

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This is why a static recurve, or one with tips stiff enough not to bend during the draw, is more efficient than a working recurve, or one which uncoils as the bow is drawn. We've all read that draw length cannot exceed half of bow length. This rule of thumb is accepted widely. Yet limbs of very light bows, or very wide-limbed bows, are so thin they can be bent nearly in circles. Especially if made from highly elastic materials. On the other hand, a very narrow, heavy bow made of brittle wood might break if drawn only one-third its length.

The staves are then air dried until ready for use. The secret is cutting the wood during hot weather; in the winter the bark bonds tightly to the tree and its removal becomes more difficult. In such a case, Paul places the stave in a steamy shower for twenty minutes or so which allows the bark to be scraped free more easily. In my experience, a lot of misinformation exists about the advisability of using kiln-dried wood to make bows. I have heard people of all ages condemn it categorically. I've also read some negative reviews on kiln-drying from some of the patriarchal bowyer-authors.

Each re-tillered version was equally hard to draw to length, but stored increasing amounts of energy. Note how early draw weight fell as set increased. As will be seen in this chapter, set would have remained even lower if limbs had been wider, longer, or made of a more elastic material. Early-draw weight would then remain high, storing more energy, raising arrow speed even more. 46 BOW DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE 60 5S 0 A low-strung bow stores more energy. 5 10 15 20 25 30 DRAW LENGTH String Height Within a reasonable range lower string, or brace heights yields faster arrows.

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