The Wounded Spirit: T. E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Jeffrey Meyers

By Jeffrey Meyers

T.E.Lawrence's publication "Seven Pillars of knowledge" is taken into account through the writer of this learn to be a masterpiece of mental research and self-revelation. He offers a framework for the examining of the e-book, coming near near it from numerous instructions and now and then, discussing an identical passage from various issues of view. by means of learning "Seven Pillars" as a piece of artwork, via interpreting its army, political, literary and biographical topics, via discussing the Arabian, epic and philosophical impacts, by way of studying his idiosyncratic variety and constitution, characterization of English and Arabs, mental and sexual conflicts, the writer goals to teach why Lawrence believed this paintings may characterize to posterity the best fulfillment of his existence.

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The title comes from the Book of Proverbs 9: I, where Wisdom is personified as a good woman enlightening mankind (the whole of Proverbs is a 'wisdom-book'): 'Wisdom hath builded a house: she hath hewn out her seven pillars. ' Lawrence explains to Liddell Hart that the title is 'more fully elucidated in Jewish Rabbinical embroideries (medieval Jewish) being with "M" " and his biographer, following Lawrence's clue, has published an explanation that is scarcely illuminating. P. 8 But if we realize that the seven pillars represent a complete edifice of knowledge and freedom ('the seven pillared worthy house' in the Dedication), then the title suggests both the themes and the structural principle of the book.

This was probably the first and only time that recognized Jewish and Arab leaders met to sign a cordial agreement. 15 B. H. Liddell Hart, T. E. Lawrence: In Arabia and After (London: Cape, 1965), pp. 387-8. 16 T. E. Lawrence, 'Emir Feisal, Creator of the Arab Army', Evolution of a Revolt, eds. , 1968), p. 81. 17 Phillip Knightley and Colin Simpson, The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia (New York, 1970), p. 139. 68. 18 19 20 21 zz 23 24 25 T. E. Lawrence, 'To the Editor of The Times' (zz July 1920), Evolution of a Revolt, p.

Artists excite and attract me,'! '2 He feels that 'a man never amounts to anything in this world unless he be an artist. '4 Writing about his experiences gave Lawrence the opportunity to expose and resolve the conflicts in loyalty he had suffered during the war, and to discharge finally his obligation to the Arabs. His guilt about their political betrayal was combined with his anguish about the torture at Deraa, so that the composition of Seven Pillars answered both his moral and his psychological needs.

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