The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game by Scott Agnew

By Scott Agnew

The Terran alternate Authority RPG brings to existence the fascinating and interesting SciFi universe made recognized via Stewart Cowley in his vintage sequence of pictorial books that begun in 1978 with Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 advert. This vintage sequence has been resurrected with a new sequence of TTA handbooks together with this, the TTA RPG. in the end lovers of the sequence can discover the unique worlds of the TTA universe from the struggle ravaged floor of Proxima I to the sea planet of Alpha B3. hold the legislation as a FLEA Agent, detect new opportunites in fledgling interstellar colonies or open new alternate routes for luxurious items from Alpha Centauri ? the alternative is yours. The Terran alternate Authority RPG is a stand-alone online game that makes use of the Omni approach mechanics (no different publication is needed to play). just a unmarried twenty-sided die is needed to play.

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