The Speed Math Bible - Transform your brain into an by Yamada Takumi

By Yamada Takumi

At once from the years-long examine of 2 software program engineers, a innovative e-book that might exhibit you arithmetic from a very new perspective. you are going to swiftly find out how to practice super complicated calculations inside a couple of seconds, you will collect useful key-competencies for the tutorial and company international and you may see what percentage worthy strategic instruments for the standard lifestyles might be outfitted simply by utilizing the easy arithmetic you learnt in school. video game idea, chance concept, Vedic arithmetic, struggle procedure, historical cultures and glossy experiences will weave themselves jointly in a quantity you are going to hardly ever put out of your mind and you may constantly are looking to hold on your library!

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And the latter probably represents a crazily critical point for most of people. Imagine yourself trying to solve without any pen or paper a long multiplication between three-or-more-figure numbers: probably the hardest thing for you will be exactly trying to retain all the digits coming out of the partial multiplications. So, on the one hand you'll see that the "secret" behind many calculation strategies in this book is in the fact that they're built in order to let us optimize the use of our short-term memory, and on the other hand it follows that your memory represents a key-skill to train if you want to improve your mathematical abilities.

But did you know that, by using your fingers, you could perform even some very ... simple multiplications? If, for example, you have a shocking blackout during a complex calculation, and you can't remember a specific multiplication table, you can use two awesome tricks that will make you able to instantly perform a lot of possible single-digit multiplications. But let's start with the first, really straightforward technique, which takes advantage of the fact that if you sum together the digits of any multiple of 9 (<90), you will always get 9 as a total.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let's start with a little premise: every gambling game is built in such a way that, in the long term, we will always lose our money while the Casino will always take everything dropping out of our pockets. This means that every gambling game has a negative "expected value", as we will explain more in detail in Chapter XIX. The only exception to this truth is in the BlakJack and in the fact that, if approached with the right strategy ("counting cards", for example), it can have a positive expected value and so it can lead us to a progressive enrichment in the long term.

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