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Stop" : interrupts the current Scilab session (useful when Scilab is called from an external program). option is the character string ’nomessage’ for killing error message. To set back default mode, enter errcatch(-1,"kill") or similarly errcatch(-1). Then called in a scilab function the errcatch is automatically reset to the default mode when the function returns. 24 Scilab Function errclear error clearing CALLING SEQUENCE : errclear([n]) DESCRIPTION : clears the action (error-handler) connected to error of type n.

Within multiple rhs arguments must be separated by comma. * Select elements within vectors, matrices and lists. , where the variables %t i, i = 1, 2, ... are invisible to the user. g. -1- ). The user is then in a new session in which all the lower-level variables (and in particular all the variable of the function) are available. ]. Otherwise, the lower-level variables are protected and cannot be modified. The pause is extremely useful for debugging purposes. This mode is killed by the command "abort".

Namn kills the global variables given by their names Note that clearglobal() only clears the global variables, the local variables pointing on these global variables are not destroyed. 13 colon - colon operator DESCRIPTION : : : Colon. Used in subscripts and loops. , k] (empty if J K). , j+m*d] The colon notation can also be used to pick out selected rows, columns and elements of vectors and matrices. A(:) is the vector of all the elements of A regarded as a single column. ,A(:,k)] A(:)=w fills the matrix A with entries of w (taken column by column if w is a matrix).

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