The Child Goddess by Louise Marley

By Louise Marley

Louise Marley weaves a compelling tale of a girl whose religion could be the simply factor that may store a lady from sure doom.

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There were other things, too, that she simply didn’t have the knowledge to puzzle out. Finally, frustrated, she went to the wavephone on the wall. She would have to call Simon. He could tell her what it all meant. She discovered the wavephone’s rhodium antenna had been snapped in two. Sabotaged. She was cut off. She stared at it for a long moment, shocked. Then she turned on her heel and marched straight into the surgery. She ripped the connections out of the medicator, broke the scan mechanism, pulled the connecting cord between the syrinxes and the screen.

Port Force gave me a second chance. ” They had reached the barracks building. “’Night, Buck. ” He waved the lighted cigarette in exasperation. ” “I know it. ” Buck had been right, Jin-Li thought, climbing the stairs. Adetti spent a lot of time at the infirmary, or poring over medicator reports, or huddled with Boreson and Markham. None of them inspired much trust in Jin-Li. And it would be interesting to meet Matty Phipps. 5 OA DIDN’T LIKE sleeping alone. The anchens had slept in a comforting tangle of arms and legs, hearing the murmurs of the others die away as forgetful sleep stole over their nest, and the buzzing of insects and the faint chirping of night birds filled the darkness.

When the canoe came, Lili splashed out through the surf, calling to the elders. She never looked back at the island, and none of the anchens called a farewell to her. Lili was a person now. She would not have answered. WHEN THE LIGHTS brightened in the Multiplex, Isabel opened her eyes to the depressing sterility of the small room, with its generic white walls, beige plastic sink in the corner, only a padded, wheeled stool for furniture. Her equipment was where she had stacked it, her two modest valises waiting in a corner.

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