The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan by Nancy Springer

By Nancy Springer

Enola is thrown right into a tailspin while she gets a determined message from her previous buddy, girl Cecily. Enola understands she needs to support her buddy sooner than it?s too late?but she doesn?t know the way! This complex case has Enola weeding out clues far and wide London until eventually she eventually discovers the grim fact: girl Cecily is being held prisoner! Enola needs to probability her personal freedom and sign up for forces along with her brother, the famed Sherlock Holmes, to loose Cecily. Can Enola belief her brother, and will they shop Cecily in time?

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Now that winter had passed, poor folk living in the streets were less in need of my help. And since my brother Sherlock knew of my work as the Sister of Charity, I had been obliged to discard my black habit with deep pockets. While I still managed to slip pennies to the unfortunate, I had found another guise in which to roam London in the dark hours: I went as a midden-picker, that is, one who scavenges garbage heaps for bits of rag (for the paper-mills), bone (for garden-meal), metal (for the smelters), or food (definitely not for me).

Why, she looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Despite Sir John Tenniel’s marvelous illustrations, I had never much enjoyed Lewis Carroll’s books. Alice never smiled. I did not like nonsense stories; I wanted narrative to unfold with some degree of logic, much as life should. Although often it did not. For instance, it made no sense that such a well-to-do girl as Lady Cecily should carry a paper fan. Why such a silly pink thing? Well and truly engrossed in my drawing now, I sketched Cecily again, this time putting the fan in her hand, and trying to capture the way she had looked at me— With a shudder as if a whip had snapped far too close to me, I felt again the desperation of her gaze.

What ever for? “A midden-picker,” the burly man was saying with disgust, eyeing me as if I were a cockroach to be crushed. ” Making myself as small as possible—not difficult, under the circumstances—I did not answer, only staring at the sunk fence with my mouth ajar. ” I could hear the man’s sneer in his voice. “It’s a ha-ha. And do you know why it’s called that, dust-scholar? It’s called that because, when you fall in, we come and look at you and we laugh, ha-ha, ha-ha—” Something in the tone of his voice frightened me even more than the mastiff’s barking did.

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