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Even my own momma doesn’t know when to bother me and when to leave me alone. I guess maybe that’s something you gotta learn. With Miz Lula Maye being a hundred, she ought to know. Probably when my momma gets older, she’ll do better about knowing those kind of things. Right before I went to bed, the phone rang. ” I yelled. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I bet it’s my momma! ” “Go head, baby,” said Miz Lula Maye. ” said a voice. I started jumpin’ up and down and yellin’, “It’s Momma! ” I probably hurt her ears, I yelled so loud.

Came walkin’ in the house as if it was time to eat. ” he asked. “We were just plannin’ Sylvia’s birthday party,” said Miz Lula Maye. ” said Jack Jr. ” I’ve heard folks in Wakeview thinks Jack Jr. is not wrapped too tight. It’s true, he ain’t. , I was terrified with even the thought. That would be the worst thing. Jack Jr. and Miz Lula Maye were lookin’ at me kind of funny. I had to come up with something quick. “Um, I don’t really want a party,” I said. ” I made my eyes wide and smiled real big so they knew that I was really very happy about this idea.

It was probably prettier from the ground, I decided. If you was ridin’ it, you wouldn’t be able to see all of its lights. “I just wanted to say that this was probably one of the best days I ever had,” I said. “I’m glad, Sylvia,” said Miz Lula Maye. She looked happy. When we pulled out onto the highway, I couldn’t see the lights of Myrtle Beach no more. I stretched out across the backseat and looked out the side window upside down. My eyes felt dry and heavy. I think the salty air probably dried out the liquid stuff in my eyes.

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