Remembering the End: Dostoevsky as Prophet to Modernity by P. Travis KROEKER, Bruce K. Ward

By P. Travis KROEKER, Bruce K. Ward

Dostoevsky was once a type of writers of the 19th century who got here to be looked via many readers within the following century as a prophet. How does he stay prophetic for us now, within the early twenty-first century? Remembering the tip explores and assesses Dostoevsky's critique of modernity, with specific concentrate on the Grand Inquisitor (in The Brothers Karamazov), the place his prophetic imaginative and prescient reveals its such a lot extreme expression. The authors write to explain the religious realism of Dostoevsky's biblically charged literary paintings, and to teach the way it may help us to recollect who we're during this modern/postmodern second in which--as participants and individuals of communities--we are required to make severe offerings concerning the that means of justice, heritage, fact and happiness. The ebook might be of curiosity to readers in comparative literature, ethics, political conception, philosophy, spiritual experiences and theology.

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The world. . But when he h o w s that he is not o d y wrse than all those in, the wrfd, but h also p i l q before: aU people, on behalf of all and for all, for all human sins, the wrZd"s and each person's, only then will the goal of our uniq be achiewd. . Only then wiU our hearts be moved to a love that is infini*, u~versatl,and that h a w s no satie?. Then each of us will be able to gain the whole world by love and wash away the world"s sins with his tears, ( 164) Here we have a clear =pression of the penitentid consciousness that sacrifices the ""I3n order to participate in the loving movment of the whole; it is the prophetic path of the monk, Immediately foEoX1owhg this ecstatic homily (afieward, the narrator tells us, "they aU remembered these wrds"") ,great excitement is gnerated among the monks by news that one of the elder" prophetic w r d s to a peatsant woman the day before (that her son, h m whom she had no news for a year, was still alive and would either come or send a letter shortly) has literafly come true.

Fife, than some good memory, eqecidly a memory from chiEdhood, from the parent& home. Erou hear a lot said about your education, yet some such beaurihl, sacred memory, prexm"lom childhood, is perhaps the best education" "74)27, For good discussionsof this rela~onand Plte fiistov of hterpretaeon, see Abraham 1, Heschel, me Prophe&, vol. People of the Book (Grand Rapids, Mich,: Wgliaiarn B. E e r h m , 1996). 28. Dime O e ~ n Thompson, g The Brothers Karamazor and the JJoedcs a p m o r y ( C m briae: Cmbridg U&versity Press, 199l),chap, 3.

Neither the Inquisitor nor Christ appears directly ekewhere in me Brothers Karamazcrv, but Ivan and Alyosha Karamazov cer~ainlydo; and [Dostoevsky"~ meaning wit1 be lost or distorted if it is forgotten that Ivm is the author of the prose poem "The Grand Inquisitor," and that Ivads bstener-prior to any readers-is his younger brother Alyosha. "The Grand Inquisitor" p i n t s bmk t-o Ivan" rebdian against God on b&aK of suffering hunnaniv. Ivan indias God for unwaingness or inability. to alleviate the unjust suffering of the innocent, thereby eliciting Alyosha's response that this indictment has not taken into account the God of sdftennpving love manifeged in the Incarnation and Crucikion.

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