Primary care English by Ramón Ribes; Isabel Garcia-Gimeno; Roger Jones, Prof

By Ramón Ribes; Isabel Garcia-Gimeno; Roger Jones, Prof

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The article on hepatitis B immunisation you wrote is great. · When there is a preposition. Remember that, in a relative clause, we usually put a preposition in the same place as in the main clause (after the verb): – The conference that we are going to next week is very expensive. – The conference we are going to next week is very expensive. Relative Clauses Prepositions in Relative Clauses We can use a preposition in a relative clause with who, which, or that, or without a pronoun. In relative clauses we put a preposition in the same place as in a main clause (after the verb).

Modal Verbs FORM · A modal verb always has the same form. · There is no -s ending in the third person singular, no -ing form and no -ed form. e. the base form of the verb). These are the English modal verbs: · Can (past form is could) · Could (also a modal with its own meaning) · May (past form is might) · Might (also a modal with its own meaning) · Will · Would · Shall · Should · Ought to · Must · Need · Dare 23 24 Unit II Grammar in Use FORM We use modal verbs to talk about: · Ability · Necessity · Possibility · Certainty · Permission · Obligation Expressing Ability To express ability we can use: · Can (only in the present tense) · Could (only in the past tense) · Be able to (in all tenses) Ability in the Present Can (more usual) or am/is/are able to (less usual): · Dr.

Vida is looking for an apron. Remember to use a/an for jobs: · I’m a general practitioner. Articles: A/An and The Before plural countable nouns you use some as a general rule: · I’ve read some good articles on topical steroid application techniques lately. Do not use some when you are talking about general things: · Generally speaking, I like medical textbooks. You have to use some when you mean some, but not all: · Some doctors carry a stethoscope but radiologists don’t. Uncountable Nouns Uncountable nouns are things we cannot count.

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