Phonological Theory and the Dialects of Italy by Lori Repetti

By Lori Repetti

Those articles supply new explorations into phonological styles attested within the minor Romance languages (‘dialects’) spoken in Italy. The aim of this publication is either theoretical and empirical. First, it goals to introduce non-Italianists to the phonological buildings of the Italian dialects, together with northern Gallo-Romance dialects, principal and southern dialects, plus a Francoprovençal dialect spoken in southern Italy and a Catalan dialect spoken in Sardinia. moment, the gathering presents readers with refined analyses of complicated and poorly understood and under-studied phonological phenomena. Over 1/2 the articles include info accumulated by way of the authors, and many of the facts haven't been to be had in English language guides. The richness of the empirical fabric and the sophistication of the theoretical analyses make this assortment a very vital contribution to either phonology and Romance language studies.

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Although the pronoun itself is indistinguishable from the masculine form, the neuter, which is used for mass nouns, nominalized adjectives, and abstract or generic objects, causes RS while the masculine does not (Andalò & Bafile 1991, Bichelli 1974, Fanciullo 1996, Iannucci 1948-49, Rohlfs 1969). This retention of neutral gender distinct from the masculine is shared by many Meridional dialects although the difference between markers is often manifested through a vocalic distinction as well as RS.

Here, we will simply make the obvious remark that a contour tone is more likely to arise and survive on longer vowels, and we will not make any claim about the exact nature and correct representation of the contour High-Low tone that characterizes the extra-long vowels. The difference in tonal shape, together with the vowel quantity and quality distinctions, is another factor contributing to the contrast between word-final stressed vowels before /D/ and /t/. 5 Closure Duration of the Consonant Following the Stressed Vowel As expected, word-internal /d/ is shorter than /t/.

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