Petroleum and Gas Field Processing (Chemical Industries) by H.K. Abdel-Aal, Mohamed Aggour, M.A. Fahim

By H.K. Abdel-Aal, Mohamed Aggour, M.A. Fahim

The rapid product extracted from oil and fuel wells includes combinations of oil, fuel, and water that's tough to move, requiring a specific amount of box processing. This reference analyzes ideas and strategies concerning the processing of reservoir fluids for the separation, dealing with, therapy, and construction of caliber petroleum oil and gasoline items. It info options in gear choice and process layout, box improvement and operation, and method simulation and regulate to extend plant productiveness and safeguard and keep away from losses in the course of purification, remedy, garage, and export. delivering instructions for constructing effective and reasonable remedy platforms, the e-book gains solved layout examples that show the applying of constructed layout equations in addition to assessment difficulties and routines of key engineering strategies in petroleum box improvement and operation.

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High-sulfur crude oils are in less demand by refineries because of the extra cost incurred for treating refinery products. Naphta feed to catalytic reformers is hydrotreated to reduce sulfur compounds to very low levels (1 ppm) to avoid catalyst poisoning. The following sulfur compounds are typical: 1. 2. Mercaptans (H–S–R): Hydrogen sulfide, H–S–H, may be considered as the simple form of mercaptan; however, the higher forms of the series are even more objectionable in smell. For example, butyl mercaptan (H–S–C4H9) is responsible for the unusual odor of the shank.

8. 9. 10. 11. ) Aniline point Carbon residue The details of some of these tests are described next. API Gravity Earlier, density was the principal specification for petroleum products. However, the derived relationships between the density and its fractional composition were only valid if they were applied to a certain type of petroleum. Density is defined as the mass of a unit volume of material at a specified temperature. It has the dimensions of grams per cubic centimeter. Another general property, which is more widely, is the specific gravity.

All Rights Reserved. Chemical or plastic consolidation involves the injection of the polymer and catalyst solution into the formation to coat the sand grains around the wellbore with the polymer. The polymer is then cured to harden and bonds the sand grains together and thus consolidates the sand around the wellbore. Each sand control method has its limitations and care should be taken to select the most suitable method for the situation in hand. All methods of sand control result in loss of productivity; this, however, is acceptable in comparison to the problems associated with sand production.

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