Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery and Therapeutics by Ajay Kumar Mishra

By Ajay Kumar Mishra

This booklet describes a vast zone of nanomedicine which includes frequently purposes, ailments, and diagnostics. the great assurance presents researchers, lecturers, and healthiness experts with a useful tool, that incorporates ideas appropriate to numerous uses.Content:
Chapter 1 High?Technology remedy utilizing Biomolecules or artificial Compounds for HIV Inhibition (pages 1–38): Elvis Fosso?Kankeu, Pascaline Fonteh and Ajay okay. Mishra
Chapter 2 rising Nanomedicine techniques for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration (pages 39–61): S. Panseri, T. D'Alessandro, F. Valentini and C. Cunha
Chapter three Synthesis of Poly(Methacrylate) Encapsulated Magnetite Nanoparticles through Phosphonic Acid Anchoring Chemistry and Its purposes towards Biomedicine (pages 63–86): B. Kothandapani and Ajay ok. Mishra
Chapter four Potentiometric PVC Membrane Sensors and Their Analytical purposes in prescription drugs and Environmental Samples at Micro? and Nano?Level (pages 87–133): Gamal Abel?Hafiz Mostafa
Chapter five Bioceramics: Silica?Based Organic?Inorganic Hybrid fabrics for clinical purposes (pages 135–161): Sadanand Pandey and Shivani B. Mishra
Chapter 6 fresh Advances of Multifunctional Nanomedicines (pages 163–187): Pradeep Pratap Singh and Ambika
Chapter 7 Nanomedicinal techniques for Diabetes administration (pages 189–196): Prashant Kumar Rai and Ajay Kumar Mishra
Chapter eight Polymeric Nanofibers in Regenerative drugs (pages 197–225): Narayan Chandra Mishra and Sharmistha Mitra Majumder
Chapter nine Multifunctional Nano/Micro Polymer tablets as capability Drug supply and Imaging brokers (pages 227–283): Haider Sami, J. Jaishree, Ashok Kumar and Sri Sivakumar
Chapter 10 Nanophosphors?Nanogold Immunoconjugates in Isolation of Biomembranes and in Drug supply (pages 285–310): Dwijendra Gupta, Dhruv Kumar, Manish Dwivedi, Vijay Tripathi, Pratibha Phadke?Gupta and Surya Pratap Singh
Chapter eleven Cyclodextrin?Based Nanoengineered Drug supply procedure (pages 311–335): Jaya Lakkakula and Rui Werner Macedo Krause
Chapter 12 Medicinal Patches and Drug Nanoencapsulation: A noninvasive replacement (pages 337–371): Maria H. Lissarrague, Hernan Garate, Melisa E. Lamanna, Norma B. D'Accorso and Silvia N. Goyanes
Chapter thirteen Dendrimers: a category of Polymer within the Nanotechnology for Drug supply (pages 373–409): Sunil ok. Singh and Vivek ok. Sharma
Chapter 14 Designing Nanocarriers for Drug supply (pages 411–436): Munishwar N. Gupta and Joyeeta Mukherjee
Chapter 15 Multifunctional Polymeric Micelles for Drug supply and Therapeutics (pages 438–469): Alicia Sawdon and Ching?An Peng
Chapter sixteen Nanoparticles?Based companies for Gene treatment and Drug supply (pages 471–492): Marketa Ryvolova, Jana Drbohlavova, Kristyna Smerkova, Jana Chomoucka, Pavlina Sobrova, Vojtech Adam, Pavel Kopel, Jaromir Hubalek and Rene Kizek

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