Modern cableways - the base of mountain sports tourism by Sergej Težak

By Sergej Težak

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663-688 Hinch, T. (2004). , Hall, C. , pp. 246-258, Blackwell, ISBN 0631235647, Oxford Hopkins, J. (1998). Signs of the post-rural: Marketing myths of a symbolic countryside. Geografiska Annaler, Vol. 2, pp. 65-81 Jack, G. & Phipps, A. (2003). On the uses of travel guides in the context of German tourism to Scotland. Tourist Studies, Vol. 3, p. 281-300 Jenkins, O. (2003). Photography and travel brochures: the circle of representation. Tourism Geographies, Vol. 3, pp. 305-328 Kavaratzis, M. & Ashworth, G.

The tourism employee is often seen as “uneducated, unmotivated, untrained, unskilled and unproductive” (Pizam, 1982, pp. 5). , 2006). , Baum, 2007). This causes labour to be flexible and makes it, in labour market terms, unstable (Ball, 1989; Riley, 1991; Heerschap, 2004). As labour flexibility is at the very heart of tourism employment, it is worth debating whether or not this can be counted as an attractive aspect of the industry. Tourism has a high degree of seasonality, which can generate a dichotomy between core-periphery workers, with employees in the periphery holding temporary contracts.

It claims that the best way to see or experience the valley is by boat. It then first gives readers advice on this boat trip. The destination of the boat trip is Cochem, and this town and its castle are the only sights mentioned. The text continues with information on the easiest way to get a good view of the river and town and gives advice about visiting the vineyards in the area. In this specific sample, the level of petrification thus differs between the guidebooks. The limited information about people in these texts makes it difficult to tell if fossilization is an issue.

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