Market Leader. Elementary Practice File Book by John Rogers

By John Rogers

Marketplace chief – курс прогрессивного делового британского языка, который пропорционально соединит составляющие теоретического познания с фактическими деловыми умениями. Курс, разработаннный общо с Файнэншл Таймс, дает прогрессивные и многоцелевые мат-лы, которые предоставляют учащимся вероятность развивать устную речь, расширить словарный запас, прикрепить познание основ грамматики, а еще овладеть умениями ведения платной корреспонденции, отвечать на деловые звонки и проводить демонстрации.

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B) No, thanks. I'm fine. c) I want some fruit juice. 4 a) I like fish, but I don't like eggs. b) Just a little, please. It's delicious. c) OK. 5 a) Yes, there's enough for everybody. b) No, but we have orange juice. c) Yes, of course. Here you are. 6 a) No, thanks. It was lovely, but I'm full. b) Yes, of course. c) Oh no, please.

2 What time you start work? 3 When do finish work? 4 Who do you 5 0 Stress and intonation to? do you do so much overtime? 5 Listen again and practise asking the questions. 6 Listen to these questions. Notice the stress on the two important words. Do you work in an office? Do you travel a ]ot? Q Mark the two main stresses in the following questions. 1 Do you work in August? 2 Do you socialise with colleagues? 3 Do you like your job? 7 Listen and check your answers. Then listen again and practise asking the questions.

A) Consider for example /ou/, the sound of go slow. You can spell it 0 as in open, oa as in loan, oe as in toe, ough as in although, ow as in know, or eon as in Seoul. (b) Take the letter u, for instance. You pronounce it /a/ as in cut, /u/ as in full/, /31/ as in turn, /o:/ as in sure, /u:/ as in tune, or / i / as in busy. Put the following words under the correct sound in the table below (the letters in bold show the sound). conscious buyer train break their said million heart Europe chair scientific knowledge height friendship advice laugh insurance want Vowels M M / e 1/ 1 share 1 pay 2 0 2 3 III 2 •a 2 3 2 •a 1 1 option 1 card 1 sell 1 job 2 /a:/ /e/ /ai / 1 price 2 3 Consonants N 1 sell 2 3 /j/ 1 year 2 3 There are exercises about a variety of sound-spelling relationships in units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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