Let's Do A Play by Uma Anand

By Uma Anand

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But Deepak, have you enough friends to fill all the part~? " "A lot of our friends are here, Didi. Dido and 1 have spent all morning going round to ask them. 1 have asked them all to be here this evening at 4 o'clocK. Uncle Prem said that although the rest of the Hind Manch group will be leaving tonight, he and you are staying on with us for the rest of the vacation. " "It's a long play," murmured Anu. "Perhaps we can cut it down. " Uncle Prem had brought a copy of the play and the first thing they all did was to sit down and copy out the various parts.

43 Dido saw a young man working in a corner. " he asked Romesh. "That is Rao, one of our students. He is' making a smalI-scale model of the setting for a play we are doing. " Dido was thrilled by the model, which was entirely made of very light wood. Even the chairs, beds, stools and doors were made to scale. It looked like a room in a dolI's house. "I wish Paro had come. She would have loved to see this. " "I thought you wanted to be an actor," said Raju. "Deepak wants to be an actor," said Dido.

The third point is that you must learn your lines very quickly. You have no home-work these days so you have plenty of time. " asked a roly-poly boy who was sucking a sweet. "Cues are the lines that come before your lines. You must know those too, or else you won't know when to speak. In fact, you will soon find that you know everybody's part. " After a brief test, Anu distributed the parts. Deepak was to be the Ungrateful Man. Dido was the Brahmin. Paro was given the role of the Pnncess. " Tuppo was promised a short appearance as a monkey 50 and, of course, it was very difficult to prevent him from running to the middle of the 'stage area' to do everybody else's part.

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