Jane and the Raven King by Stephen Chambers

By Stephen Chambers

Outside the window, a squirrel in a tree popped out with a bit black suitcase. at the beginning, Jane used to be certain she needs to be wrong, yet as she watched, the squirrel opened the tiny suitcase and commenced arranging nuts and acorns inside...

The animals truly knew anything used to be fallacious. Even her puppy iguana scrawled a caution within the sand of his tank: he's coming.

Soon the entire animals are fleeing the suburb the place Jane lives. yet they are not the single ones performing unusual. Jane's mom and dad appear to be hypnotized via their cellphones and the television. And her grandma starts off controlling the elements and talking in a humorous language. but if Jane meets an previous blind guy who can force a motor vehicle and claims Jane is the one one that can shop the area, good, that is while issues relatively begin to get weird...

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Thank you,” Jane said. Kids at school and Michael always mocked her iguana’s name. She’d gotten it from the name of a Hawaiian musician her father liked. ” She took a small jewelry box from her purse. ” “Thank you,” Jane said again. “It isn’t much. ” Jane popped off the lid. Wedged into a bed of white foam was a purple stone with blue sparkles at its center. Although it was smooth like a large marble, it wasn’t perfectly round. indd 27 10/13/10 9:04 AM Stephen Chambers “It is a good luck stone,” Grandma Diana said.

Good and evil; order and chaos—Gaius had mentioned those things too. What am I supposed to say? The unicorn waited. Jane said, “The universe—” Wait. She knew my grandmother. This thing—this Keeper or unicorn is here to stop people from hurting her home, Hotland. That’s what Gaius said, right? The Keeper is afraid of me. There isn’t a real answer, is there? It wants my answer so it has a better idea of who I am and whether or not I am a threat. So which is more dangerous: a person who believes there is a pattern or someone who thinks everything is random?

Indd 43 10/13/10 9:04 AM Stephen Chambers surrounding houses. They looked like ships made out of brick and glass in the midnight rain. All the windows glowed through blinds and drapes—the porches bathed in fuzzy white light. All the lights are on, Jane thought. In every house on the block. In the middle of the night. “Come on,” she said. “No. ” After he did anyway, Michael shrugged. ” “Let go of my arm,” he said. ” When he tried to push past her, Jane blocked him, and Michael grabbed the doorknob.

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