Islands of Terror by Colin McComb

By Colin McComb

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The second weather type is days of low clouds and high fog, where the dismal sun shines through only weakly, imparting no heat. These days are cold and wretched, with dew and mists that cling to clothing, quickly soak- ing them. These nights are even colder, the mist sinking into the wood of the vessels and warping it, making it rot faster than it would ordinarily. Finally, there are the stormy times. When black clouds gather on the horizon, all the intelligent creatures of Saragoss batten down their hatches and prepare for the worst.

Like most lycanthropes, Draga can only be hit by silver or enchanted weapons. All others, - shark form until more sharks enter his domain. This restocking usually does not take too long, for blood is constantly being spilled into the waters of Saragoss, and sharks enter his domain regularly. * Closing the Borders w hen Salt-Biter wishes to seal his domain from’intruders and deserters, a ring of jagged rock springs suddenly from the sea. it completely encircles thedomain and is resistant to all magic.

Going through the rock is an absurdity, for the sharp stones would quickly grind a ship to pieces. The rock itself is immune to and resists the passage of extra-planar magic and beings. Various water-dwelling beasts dwell around the edges of the domain, impeding the progress of ships that pass their area. Of course, impeding consists of more than just restraining the ship. Many escaping vessels have been found drifting aimlessly, and only spatters of blood mark the fact that it once was inhabited.

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