English Computer Corpora: Selected Papers and Research Guide by Stig Johansson et al. (ed.)

By Stig Johansson et al. (ed.)

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Donoghue domly change the parse tree, the selection of the change is biased towards what are considered to be the better changes. The best change is the change resulting in the highest valued parse tree, the worst change is the change resulting in the lowest valued parse tree. Rather than randomly selecting one of the possible changes which could be applied to the tree, Probability Density Functions are used to guide the selection of a change towards the better possible changes. Using the best changes results in a shorter path to the optimal parse tree: rather than staggering blindly (perturbing randomly) towards the optimal solution, the modified simulated annealing algorithm looks before it leaps and strides slowly, but confidently, in the most probable direction.

The unlabelled bracketing facility has, in our view, proved its worth as an advantageous feature of flexibility in the skeleton parsing 24 Geoffrey Leech and Roger Garside scheme. It also relieves the treebankers of the encumbrance of having to make labelling decisions in areas where decisions might be difficult. The simplicity and flexibility of the skeleton parsing scheme has been fully justified by the efficiency and relative consistency of the work of the treebankers, when compared with the previous treebanking projects.

Shieber, Stuart 1986 An introduction to unification-based approaches to grammar. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Taylor, Lita — Claire Grover — Ted Briscoe 1989 "The syntactic regularity of English noun phrases", in: Proceedings of the European Chapter of the Association of Computational Linguistics. Manchester: UMIST. Probabilistic parsing in the COMMUNAL project Clive Souter a n d Tim F. O'Donoghue 1. Introduction For the purposes of this paper, we will consider parsing to be the assigning of one or more syntactic structures to a sentence of English, with respect to a particular lexicon and grammar of the language.

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