Easier English Basic Synonyms (Easier English) by James Green

By James Green

It really is designed for any scholar of English who desires to increase their vocabulary, in particular somebody practicing ordinary or pre-intermediate novices' tests similar to the initial English try out (PET) or the foremost English attempt (KET). Synonyms and similar phrases are indexed for every access to teach substitute meanings and expressions. every one synonym encompasses a definition and instance sentence to assist inexperienced persons comprehend and use the be aware within the correct context.

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Come across (informal) to find something by chance I came across this old photo when I was clearing out a drawer. encounter (formal) to meet someone or something unexpectedly On the journey we encountered several amusing people. encountered such hospitality anywhere else. fm Page 41 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 41 follow verb Synonyms: follow, chase, pursue, stalk Antonym: lead Synonyms: follow to come after or behind someone or something What letter follows B in the alphabet? ć The dog followed me all the way home.

Injure to cause pain or damage to someone or to a part of the body He injured his back playing rugby. wound to hurt someone badly by cutting into their flesh Two of the gang were shot and wounded in the bank robbery. attacker pulled a knife, wounding him on the arm. fm Page 55 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 55 help noun Synonyms: help, support, assistance, aid help something which makes it easier for you to do something Do you need any help with moving the furniture? ć Her assistant is not much help in the office – he can’t type or drive.

It was tricky to get the right tone of regret in the letter. fm Page 54 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 54 harm verb Synonyms: harm, damage, hurt, injure, wound harm to physically affect something or someone in a bad way Luckily, the little girl was not harmed. ć The bad publicity has harmed our reputation. damage to break, partially destroy or badly affect something A large number of shops were damaged in the fire. ć These glasses are easily damaged. ć His career was badly damaged by the newspaper reports.

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