Distance cycling by John Hughes

By John Hughes

Everybody from skilled distance cyclists to these getting ready for his or her first century trip will enjoy the education recommendation and techniques featured in Distance biking . Lead writer John Hughes, certainly one of ultracycling's Most worthy names, is helping motivate riders of all skill degrees via useful recommendation for hundreds of years, brevets, and more.

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Adapted from Burke 2002. Depending on where you live and what you enjoy, building the base could include riding outdoors, cross-training, and indoor sessions. Kyle lives in the North. Following the principle of specificity, Kyle should ride, either outdoors or on his trainer. But if weather is a problem or for variety, he also may cross-train. Outdoor Riding When conditions permit, Kyle spends time with friends on weekend club rides and with family members on appropriate rides. He meets new people and shares the joys of being on a bike.

Running develops eccentric strength, the muscle’s ability to generate force while lengthening, and thus balances cycling. During the running stride, the muscles of the lower body decelerate the leg when ground contact occurs—an eccentric action. In cycling most of the power is from shortening of the muscles (during the first 180 degrees of the pedal stroke), which is concentric strength. Cycling involves little eccentric activity. Thus, cycling is less stressful on the joints and muscles and therefore is often prescribed for injured or deconditioned people.

By commuting he could save on gas, help the environment, and have fun. Recovery during base training is important. We’ve explained to Kyle that his body adapts while he is resting. Kyle rides outdoors when he can and does cross-training, stretching, and resistance training. We suggested that he keep track of the total time he spends each week on training and increase the volume by only about 5 to 10 percent each week. We recommended that he at least level off a bit every three or four weeks Baseline Conditioning ● and, if he feels fatigued, cut back for a week.

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