Cam Jansen and the Mystery Writer Mystery by David A. Adler, Joy Allen

By David A. Adler, Joy Allen

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Then he walked with his daughter into the school. No one followed him. “Welcome to the book fair,” Dr. Prell told the man and his daughter. “Please hang your coats in room seventeen. And please don’t leave your keys in your coat pocket. ” Everyone was quiet after that. They waited and watched. Cam opened her copy of My Name Is Blake and the Scary Movie Mystery. Cam turned to the third chapter. In it, Barry Blake is in the theater. He’s looking for the woman’s purse. You won’t find it, Cam thought.

They left the school. Cam watched them go to the parking lot. The woman found her car and drove off. Cam read some more. In chapter six, Barry Blake finds the woman’s purse. No one had taken it. The woman had just forgotten where she had been sitting. I knew it, Cam thought. Cam closed the book. Just then, three police cars drove up. Officer Oppen got out of the first car and entered the school. “We drove up and down every block near the school,” he said. “We looked in every driveway, and then we saw a garage with the lights on.

Just then Danny’s father came back. He was wearing his raincoat and carrying an umbrella. Both were wet. He was also carrying a large bag of books. He hurried to the front of the line. “It’s gone,” he told his wife and Danny. “I paid for the books. ” Mrs. Pace asked. “No,” Danny’s father answered. “It’s not a joke. ” “You stay here with Danny,” Mrs. Pace said, and took the umbrella. ” Mrs. Pace walked quickly out of the gym. Mr. Pace stood there. Water dripped off his raincoat. “This is exciting,” Jim E.

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