Cabinetmaking (The Art of Woodworking) by Pierre Home-Douglas

By Pierre Home-Douglas

The paintings of Woodworking - Cabinetmaking

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* * INSCRIBED AND SIGNED by way of the writer ON name web page * * gentle hide with plastic comb binding, illustrated with b/w pictures and drawings, a hundred pages. third revision. disguise has gentle put on to edges - typically to assistance of corners and frivolously dirty. textual content is unmarked. pictures to be had. USPS affirmation used on all U.

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Whenyouhave removed all thewastefromthisside,turnoverthepanel, andworkfromtheothersideuntilthepinsareallexposed. I I I I I I I ,t I I I I I I paring f, Final \,, Withthepaneloutside faceup,aligntheedge of a guideblockwiththeshoulder lineonthepanel andclampit in place. Repeat the process between theotherpinsuntilthereis nowaste beyond theshoulder line. I I I I I I 29 I I CARCASECONSTRUCTION I Preparing to outline thetails S e to n eo f t h e t a i l b o a r d so u t s i d e f a c ed o w no n a w o r ks u r f a c ea n d c l a m p a g u i d eb l o c ko n t o p o f i t w i t h t h e e d g e o f t h e b l o c kf l u s hw i t ht h e s h o u l d elri n e .

Tomountthestrips,boretwo screw holesin eachof themneartheends. Maketheholesona drillpressin a twostepprocedure asfor ledger stripsin the bottomof a cabinet(page60). Use a screwdriver to fastenthestrioto the cabinel(lefl. Inserting theshelfsupports Measure thedistance between the frontandbackstileson bothsidesof the cabinet. Cutshelfsupports to fit thegaps pairsof dadoes. matching between Make surethatthesupports arewideenough to properly, buttress theshelves andtest-fit lhem(right)to ensurethattheyfit snugly in thedadoes.

Glueupthecarcase and,at thesametime,applya thingluebeadalong therabbets forthebackpanelandonthecontacting surfaces of theplywood. Spread theglueevenly, set thepanelin position, thenusesmallnailsto secure (/effJ. it at 4-inchintervals 3B I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I t I T T I t I t t I I I I I I I I I EDGEBANDING D dg. Youcanchooseoneof two options:Commercialedgebanding, shownon page40,is availablein a wide varietyof woodtypes,colorsandthick- nesses. Installingit is simplya matterof cuttingoffthe lengthsyou needfrom a roll, settingthe bandingin placeand heatingit with a householdiron to melt that bondsit to the surface the adhesive ofthe wood.

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