Being the Chosen: Exploring a Christian Fundamentalist by Julie Scott Jones

By Julie Scott Jones

Being the selected explores Christian fundamentalism within the united states, focusing really at the trust process of Protestant fundamentalists. It establishes the major features of the Protestant worldview, investigating the levels to which those are adhered to among various teams and the way such trust platforms are developed and strengthened via lifestyle. by means of providing wealthy empirical fabric, Being the selected sheds mild at the demeanour within which the Protestant fundamentalist worldview shapes and constructs the ideals and activities of its adherents, supplying them with service provider and reinforcement within the face of oppositional forces. As such, it's going to curiosity not just sociologists, but in addition students of faith and the tradition and society of america.

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Marty and Appleby (1991), among others, have argued that fundamentalists are different from those that could be categorised as ‘traditional’ or ‘orthodox’ because they seek to engage directly with the modern world and change it: in other words fundamentalists, and therefore fundamentalism, is radical and political in that it has an agenda for socio-political as well as religious change. Marty and Appleby (1991) acknowledge that religious fundamentalism is all about acting in the world. Fundamentalists anticipate the end of the world but they are not passively awaiting the apocalypse in some isolated retreat.

However, the fight against Darwinism had been a theological one (Lienesch, 2007). This changed in 1920 when former Secretary of State and devout Protestant, William Jennings Bryan launched a national crusade against evolutionism. Bryan critiqued evolutionism for two reasons; firstly he saw it as undermining Biblical teaching and secondly, he believed that Social Darwinism promoted conflict; the First World War being, for him, a prime example of this. Anti-evolutionism became a popular national crusade, which drew together not just fundamentalists but participants from other Christian churches.

Finney, Dwight Moody and Billy Sunday would tour urban centres (Sandeen, 1970, Ammerman, 1991). As cities grew due to industrialisation and immigration, they not only offered a steady supply of participants but they also proved emblematic as symbols of what was wrong with modernity and what the consequences of a shift away from ‘true’ Protestant values and beliefs would be. These urban revivals tapped into Protestant fears regarding urbanisation, immigration and the spread of secular, capitalist values.

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