Basic Sicilian: A Brief Reference Grammar by Joseph F. Privitera

By Joseph F. Privitera

The Sicilian dialect, like many of the different 450 Italian dialects, has nearly disappeared within the Nineteen Nineties. This grammar is designed to maintain the dialect for these first and moment new release Sicilians who're fearful to take care of touch with the language.

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Alcuni pirsuni or qualchi pirsuna. Alcuni u fannu. Some persons. (e) Some... cu We all die; some young, others old. Some do it. The one... the other is: autri... autri yiutri cadimi, autri scappanu Some fall, others flee. One... another is: Voi sasizza or du'ova? L'unu e I'autru. l'unu... I'autru Do you want sausages or two eggs? Both (one and the other). 32 (D Other indefinite pronouns and adjectives: anybody, qualcunu, qualchidunu, pronouns. anything, qualchicosa, pron. anything else, autru, pron.

Chiaru, clear frsincu,frank chiaramenti, clearly francamente frankly However, Sicilians prefer using the adjective as an adverb. Unn pozzu v /diri troppu b o n u. / can ' t see too well. Iddu parrà chiaru. He speaks clearly. (b) So meaning it is translated as u U fazzu. U cridi. U d/cinu I do so. He thinks so. They say so. 40 Qmiparison Adverbs are compared like adjectives. 1. Regular: granili, large; chiù granni, larger; u chiù granni, the largest nicu, small; cìiiìi nicu, smaller u chiù nicu, the smallest 2.

A three-legged table. 36 4 In some idiomatic phrases, di is used in Sicilian when another preposition is used in English. Di iomuedinotti. È cuntenti di travagghiari. gut: Pensu di no. By day and by night. He is satisfied with work. I think not. 5. Da has varied meanings: (a) Characteristic of: A sala da pranzu. The dining room. (b) From: Arrivò oggi da Parigi. He arrived from Paris today. (c) Byj. To, indicating duty or necessity: Fu fattu da Ninu. Havi qualchicosa da fari. It was done by Nino.

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