Anti-Inflammatory Drug Discovery by Jeremy I Levin; Stefan Laufer

By Jeremy I Levin; Stefan Laufer

Content material: part 1. Arachidonic acid cascade -- part 2. Kinases -- part three. GPCRs -- part four. Sphingolipids -- part five. Steroid hormone receptors

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45–47 Furthermore, its expression is increased by these cytokines. 1 Role of cytosolic phospholipase A2a in the inflammatory cascade. 38 Chapter 2 48 acid of the phospholipid substrate and an active site serine residue. cPLA2a is unique among the PLA2 enzymes in regard of its high selectivity for phospholipids containing arachidonic acid in the sn-2 position. Despite the presence of several phospholipases A2 in the mammalian organism, the pre-eminence of cPLA2a for lipid mediator generation was demonstrated especially by studies with cPLA2a-deficient mice.

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