Annual Review of Immunology Volume 1 1983 by William E. Paul

By William E. Paul

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Rev. Immunol. 1:33-62. org by HINARI on 08/27/07. For personal use only. IMMUNOLOGIC TOLERANCE 39 haptenmoleculesexert an inhibitory effect. Theimportanceof somecritical degreeof epitope spacingin immune signaling has also beennoted in other systems(42, 43). Weshouldtherefore be awarethat subtle differences may exist betweenthe Signal1 that combineswith Signal 2 in immune induction, and the Signal 1 only, whichmaybe operative in someformsof tolerance. Anotherimportantquestion in the creation of an appropriate micropatch on the B lymphocytesurface involves the cell Fc receptor.

8. 9. 10. Nobel banquet. Trends Biochem. Sci. 6:VI Kabat, E. A. 1982. Contributions of quantitative immunochemistry to knowledge of blood group A, B, H, Le, I, and i antigens. Am. J. Clin. Pathol. 78:281-92 Knight, C. A. 1951. Paper chromatography of some lower peptides. J. Biol. Chem. , Kabat, E. A. 1947. Bacterial warfare. £ lmmunol. 56:7-96 Tiselius, A. 1939-1940. Electrophoretic analysis and the constitution of native fluids. Harvey Lectures 35:37-70 Annu. Rev. Immunol. 1:1-33. org by HINARI on 08/27/07.

Org by HINARI on 08/27/07. For personal use only. GETTING STARTED 50 YEARS AGO 31 a-galactoside of inositol, and said that methylation and hydrolysis would show where galactose was linked to the inositol. Clinton E. Ballou and Donald L. MacDonald collaborated on the problem and taught me the technics; fortunately, the methylated compound crystallized. have lasted. One unexpected consequence of the methylation study was that galactinol turned out to be one of the best inhibitors of the blood group B-anti-B reaction until the disacchadde DGal al-~3DGal and larger oligosaccharides were isolated.

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