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Algebra VII: Combinatorial Group Theory Applications to Geometry

From the reports of the 1st printing of this publication, released as quantity fifty eight of the Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences:". .. This e-book may be very worthy as a reference and consultant to researchers and graduate scholars in algebra and and topology. " Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum, Ungarn, 1994 ". .

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Explain. 3 Multiplying and Dividing Integers What You Should Learn NASA 1 ᭤ Multiply integers with like signs and with unlike signs. 2 ᭤ Divide integers with like signs and with unlike signs. 3 ᭤ Find factors and prime factors of an integer. 4 ᭤ Represent the definitions and rules of arithmetic symbolically. 1 Why You Should Learn It Multiplying Integers You can multiply and divide integers to solve real-life problems. For instance, in Exercise 109 on page 30, you will divide integers to find the average speed of a space shuttle.

Find the absolute value of the sum of Ϫ54 and 26. Profit (in thousands of dollars) In Exercises 11–22, evaluate the expression. 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 11. 13. 15. 17. 19. 513,200 21. 52 ϩ 47 Ϫ15 Ϫ 12 25 ϩ ͑Ϫ75͒ 12 ϩ ͑Ϫ6͒ Ϫ 8 ϩ 10 Ϫ6͑10͒ Ϫ45 Ϫ3 12. 14. 16. 18. 20. Ϫ18 ϩ ͑Ϫ35͒ Ϫ35 Ϫ ͑Ϫ10͒ 72 Ϫ 134 Ϫ9 Ϫ 17 ϩ 36 ϩ ͑Ϫ15͒ Ϫ7͑Ϫ13͒ Ϫ24 22. 6 136,500 In Exercises 23–26, decide whether the number is prime or composite. If it is composite, write its prime factorization. − 50 − 100 − 150 1st 2nd −97,750 −101,500 3rd 4th Quarter Figure for 27 23.

So, it is true that 351 Ϭ 13 ϭ 27 because 27͑13͒ ϭ 351. All four operations on integers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) are used in the following real-life example. EXAMPLE 4 Stock Purchase On Monday you bought $500 worth of stock in a company. During the rest of the week, you recorded the gains and losses in your stock’s value, as shown in the table. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Gained $15 Lost $18 Lost $23 Gained $10 a. What was the value of the stock at the close of Wednesday?

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