A Practical English Grammar by A. J. Thomson

By A. J. Thomson

The workouts can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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Книга для самостоятельно обучения английского языка для уровня intermediate. Четвертое издание. Диск к четвертому изданию книги English Grammar In Use with solutions: A Self-Study Reference and perform ebook for Intermediate beginners of English содержит более three hundred дополнительных заданий.

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Neither of them had brought their passports. neither . . nor, either ... or neither . . nor + affirmative verb is an emphatic way of combining two negatives: A Practical English Grammar 45 (a) Neither threats nor arguments had any affect on him. (b) They said the room was large and bright but it was neither large nor bright. (c) He neither wrote nor phoned. either ... or + negative verb can replace neither . . nor except when neither . nor is the subject of a verb, as in (a) above. So: (b) .

Down fell a dozen apples. Out sprang the cuckoo. Round and round flew the plane. But if the subject is a pronoun it is placed before the verb: Away they went. Round and round it flew. There is more drama in this order than in subject + verb + adverb but no difference in meaning. F In written English adverb phrases introduced by prepositions (down, from. ) can be followed by verbs indicating position (crouch, hang. ), by verbs of motion, by be born, die, live and sometimes other verbs: From the rafters hung strings of onions.

I want to speak to Mr Smith. ~ We have two Smiths here. Which (a/them) do you want? Which (pronoun) of people is not used alone as subject of a verb: Which of you knows the formula? ) Who knows the formula? would also be possible. which (adjective) can be used of people when there is only a very slight idea of restriction: Which poet (of all the poets) do you like best? what would be possible here and would be more logical, but what (adjective) for people is normally avoided. 60 A 2 Interrogative adverbs: why, when, where, how why?

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