Triathlon Half-Distance Training: 70.3 Miles - Swim/Bike/Run by Henry Ash, Marlies Penker

By Henry Ash, Marlies Penker

Triathlon: Half-Distance Training will consultant any triathlete who needed to complete his or her first half-distance triathlon from the start of the education until eventually race day.

The half-distance triathlon includes a 1.2-mile swim, fifty six miles of biking and a 13.1-mile run. it truly is whatever yet a simple alternative, however it represents a desirable problem for any well-trained patience athlete. thought of a protracted direction it covers extra miles than the Olympic distance and gives the correct stepping stone to the ITU lengthy Distance races or even the extremely Distance Ironman triathlon.

This publication deals a large amount of certain education plans. There are in-depth examples of middle and peripheral education and heart-rate established velocity degrees T1-T8, which support to demonstrate the year-round education strategies.

It additionally beneficial properties suggestion on swimming, biking, and operating education, go education, apparatus, strengthening and stretching, common education error, restoration, self-motivating functionality trying out and motivation suggestions, in addition to anecdotes and emotional tales from competitions. With this consultant, an individual can end their first half-distance triathlon.

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As a rough benchmark, this can be calculated by the formula: 220 minus age (for men) and 226 minus age (for women). How to measure the HRmax The precondition for self-measurement of the HRmax is an immaculate state of health. g. in the form of an exercise ECG. The simplest way to measure this value is using the now common waterproof heart rate monitor. As the HRmax varies during running, cycling and swimming due to the different muscle proportions involved, the HRmax measurement should be taken during each discipline.

Table 1: Our training levels T1-T8 TEMPOLEVEL % OF HRmax TYPE DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION T1 65 Very gentle Regeneration training and long to very long sessions. Difficult to maintain due to the constant sensation that you could be running faster. T2 70 Gentle Basic training to improve fat metabolism; training between hard training days T3 75 Relaxed Relaxed Establishing the base, long sessions, should be able to talk easily, as in T2, main training zone for the cardiovascular system. Stimulation of mitochondria – our energy system.

Inadequate fluid intake stimulates a rise in the core body temperature. Even if you are not thirsty, you must drink constantly otherwise your heart rate will increase. Don’t just drink water though; add sodium to the water, otherwise you may suffer from “water poisoning,” which occurs when sodium needed for water absorption in the stomach is removed from the blood. Concentration imbalances can occur, and in the worst case, too much water without electrolytes can lead to edemas in the lungs or in the brain.

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