A treatise on algebraic plane curves by Julian Lowell Coolidge

By Julian Lowell Coolidge

Students and academics will welcome the go back of this unabridged reprint of 1 of the 1st English-language texts to supply complete insurance of algebraic aircraft curves. It deals complicated scholars a close, thorough advent and history to the idea of algebraic airplane curves and their kinfolk to varied fields of geometry and analysis.
The textual content treats such issues because the topological homes of curves, the Riemann-Roch theorem, and all elements of a wide selection of curves together with genuine, covariant, polar, containing sequence of a given kind, elliptic, hyperelliptic, polygonal, reducible, rational, the pencil, two-parameter nets, the Laguerre web, and nonlinear structures of curves. it's nearly completely restrained to the homes of the final curve instead of a close research of curves of the 3rd or fourth order. The textual content mainly employs algebraic strategy, with huge parts written based on the spirit and techniques of the Italian geometers. Geometric tools are a lot hired, despite the fact that, specially these related to the projective geometry of hyperspace.
Readers will locate this quantity plentiful instruction for the symbolic notation of Aronhold and Clebsch.

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