Torrent (River of Time Series) by Lisa T. Bergren

By Lisa T. Bergren

 When Gabi and Lia eventually discover ways to surf the river of time, they become aware of they need to make difficult offerings approximately lifestyles and love in Torrent, the 3rd and ultimate e-book within the River of Time sequence.  Gabi and Lia Betarrini have discovered to regulate their time shuttle, and so they go back from medieval Italy to save lots of their father from his tragic dying in sleek times. But love calls around the centuries, and the women are decided to come forever—even even though they be aware of the Black Plague is advancing throughout Europe, claiming the lives of one-third of the inhabitants. within the suspenseful end of the River of Time sequence, each determination is ready existence … and death.  

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He grinned down at Lia. “Both of you. ” I smiled up at Marcello, and he smiled too. “A fair assessment,” he said. “But it appears you have had much to occupy your attention, m’lord,” I said. ” “To you. Had it not been for your…diversion during the battle, it is likely that Siena would have suffered far greater casualties. They’d breached the gates and were only narrowly held back. ” “I was more concerned with drawing them away from you than the city,” I said lowly. “I understood that. But you accomplished both.

I remembered the first time I’d met the strike of one of these heavy medieval swords—how the force of it had so surprised me, how it had reverberated in a teeth-crunching, breath-stealing echo down my arm to my very spine. Dad had just braced his back leg and brought up his sword when his attacker reached him. He narrowly blocked the second strike, moving as if he were still in his dream world. I shook my head. It would be seconds before the knight got the upper hand and cut him down. “No way,” I muttered, pushing to my feet and running toward him.

Who were they? Paratore men? Fiorentini? What had happened? My eyes settled on the limestone wall across from me, and for the first time, I saw more frescoes. Winged figures. In a row. ” I patted her hand and nodded at them. I’d just noticed that interspersed among them were other figures—a Roman legionnaire, with his distinctive fringed helmet, and a Greek ruler, crowned with green laurel leaves, and what looked like a peasant—when I felt Lia tense beside me. I could hear them more clearly now.

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