Tomato Diseases by Dominique Blancard (Auth.)

By Dominique Blancard (Auth.)

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Genetic abnormality 74 On this leaf, the leaflets are narrower, swollen, and roll toward the underside of the leaf; in extreme cases this gives them a crook shape. Genetic abnormality Examples of genetic abnormality 78 Distortion ! What to do after chemical injury? In the presence of phytotoxicity, the following questions should be raised: – Was the preceding crop treated with persistent herbicides? – Were herbicide treatments made close to your crop? – Has the spraying equipment been washed? – Has the spraying equipment been maintained (cleaning, grading)?

Genetic abnormalities Several genetic mutations or chromosomal aberrations (in the constitution of chromosomes or their number) (Genetic abnormalities) are re­sponsible for phenotypic traits often undesir­ able for the grower. They most often cause colour and/or form changes of leaflets and leaves. Photo 43 shows such symptoms: the leaflets are variably ‘wrinkled’, rolled over their axis, and tissues are thicker. Note also that the plants are often sterile (hence the name ‘sterile mutants’) and frequently take on a bushy appearance.

The plants infected early are stunted. Bemisia tabaci, in a persistent manner. Yellow mosaic mottling on the leaflets; the leaf curls up and is deformed. Bemisia tabaci, in a persistent manner. Description 42 Tomato yellow mottle virus (ToYMov) Description 42 62 The plants can become very stunted. Description 42 Potato leafroll virus (PLRV) Yellowing of the leaf starting on the edges; the leaflets roll up later and become rigid and tough. Description 38 Early affected plants stay stunted. Transmitted by Bemisia tabaci (B.

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