Theology without Words (Explorations in Practical, Pastoral by Wayne Morris

By Wayne Morris

This e-book is a learn of a Christian theology with out phrases, focussing on theology within the Deaf group. Deaf people's first and most well liked approach to conversation isn't really English or the other spoken language, yet British signal Language - a language that can't be written down. Deaf humans of religion attend church usually, profess religion in God and feature constructed distinctive techniques to doing theology. whereas so much Western theology is word-centred and is both expressed via or depending on written texts, theology within the Deaf group is basically non-written. This e-book provides and examines a few of that theology from the Deaf group and argues that written texts should not important for inventive theological debate, a deep spirituality or for ideas approximately God to enhance.

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23 Theology Without Words 30 this is not to say that sign languages are merely systems of gestures. However, this does illustrate something of the visual dimension of sign languages in contrast to the arbitrary nature of many spoken languages. Below I would like to attempt to try and outline some of the basic principles involved in the grammar of the visual world of BSL. However, there are three things which ought to be considered before continuing. Firstly, because I am not Deaf, the insights and explanations given below come from reading studies, personal observations and the practical use of a person for whom BSL is a second language and from a person who is still very much a student of this language.

Birmingham Deaf Church The focus of this research has been the Deaf community as I have discussed it above. Most of the research for this project has been carried out specifically among the Deaf community in Birmingham, and particularly the Anglican Deaf church there. While what is above relates to the Deaf community in Birmingham as much as anywhere else, below is an outline of some of the unique dimensions the Deaf community in Birmingham that has been central to this research project. The Deaf Community in Birmingham It is not clear how many Deaf people live in Birmingham.

Instead it is a distinct piece of the biological makeup of our brains. Language is a complex, specialized skill which develops in the child spontaneously, without conscious effort or formal instruction, is deployed without awareness of its underlying logic, is qualitatively the same in every individual, and is distinct from more general abilities to process information or behave intelligently. For these reasons some cognitive scientists have described language as a psychological faculty, a mental organ, a neural system, and a computational module.

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