Third Pillar by Soma Morgenstern, Ludwig Lewisohn

By Soma Morgenstern, Ludwig Lewisohn

That pagan onslaught upon the Jewish humans which destroyed one third
of that folks, that crime Lord Russell of Liverpool known as the best crime in all heritage, has been documented in a dozen languages.

Through gradual and hard years of
impassioned artistic attempt, Soma
Morgenstern has summed up, distilled, symbolized the incomparable tragedy of his humans into an basically poetic shape that's transparent with a good highbrow readability, besides as
majestic with the grandeur of the topic he treats. it's going to, without doubt, melt the calloused judgment of right and wrong and
shake to its intensity the center of Christian in addition to Jew. and it'll achieve this no longer as outcry or propaganda, yet as tale, as image, as nice epic paintings in a kind of singular purity.

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On the market place the scribe met the fate of the beggar: some would not see him, others would not hear him. They were too busy buying and sell­ ing. But the scribe was not to be discouraged. Over the weeks and months he did not grow weary telling his tale in the houses and on the market place. But even as telling his story became habitual, so his hearers came to listen merely out of courtesy. Hearing the venerable man," they began to shake their heads over him and to treat him with open pity, as one whose wits had grown feeble in his later years.

If to this difference you add the difference of sex, it is understandable that the sons of the scribe and the daughters of the baker grew up even in a small town in two different worlds. "But even though the children of the scribe and the children of the baker did not associate with each other, yet from time to time they saw each other from afar and a few times a year they came in closer contact, especially on the High Holy Days when nearly all the children of the city crowded on the grass plot in front of the old synagogue.

He had a presage that in a hidden twin sense, which it was not for him to search out, his house had been fated to receive a One which was Two and a Two which was One. " 55 << Chapter >> Home This Library PDF version is for the use on an institutional computer only. com THE T E N T H C H A P T E R "In our town there was yet another set of twins. These were girls, scarcely a year younger than the sons of the scribe. Their father was a baker. His well-known bake house, in which there was room both for the shop and for the dwelling of his family, stood on the market place in that old row of houses, which also included the Talmud school.

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